R. Corey Snow DMD, PA - Charlotte, NC Dentist

Come to Dr. Snow, DMD for all general dentistry needs like bridges & dentures. We also provide cosmetic dental services like teeth whitening & veneers.


How confident are you about the state of your oral health?

If you live in Charlotte, NC, our dental office can help to keep your smile looking great — or restore it to its former head-turning glory. While our professional attention is directed at your dental and medical health, we also understand that you’re a real person, not just a name on a chart. It’s this personal approach to dentistry, combined with modern technology and skills, that we bring to every patient.
On our first visit, our team members will explain the procedures and tests they’ll be performing. We’ll address any concerns you might have at any time, so please don’t be afraid to ask! From our state of the art equipment to which flavor of toothpaste is best, any question that’s important to you is one we’ll be glad to answer.

Once we’ve gotten to know you and addressed your concerns, we’ll get an up close and personal look at your mouth. This includes an examination of your teeth and gums, an analysis of your bite and joints, and an oral cancer screening. We may also take radiographs, photos, and mouth impressions to help give us the best understanding of your dental needs. Once we have this comprehensive view of your oral health, we’ll discuss with you the best treatment plan to follow. Remember, Dr. Snow, DMD, in Charlotte, NC, can handle all your general dentistry needs — from bridges and dentures to cosmetic dentistry services such as teeth whitening and veneers. Go to the Services page to read more about the range of dental services we provide. (bridges, dentures and more). We also provide cosmetic dentistry services like teeth whitening & verneers. These are just a few examples. To read about all our services, check out our services page.

Why tell you all this?

Because we take great pride in our accomplishments and obtain a great deal of professional fulfillment by making sure that you can enjoy a mouth that is beautiful, functional, and comfortable. It’s our sincere belief that a healthy smile is your best investment, and so we make it our mission to provide the finest and most comprehensive dental care available in the Charlotte, NC, area — all conducted in a gentle, relaxed, and professional environment.
We look forward to getting to know you — and your mouth!