Patients who want to restore their smile and oral health can visit Snow Dentistry to receive dental implants. Dr. R. Corey Snow provides OsteoReady® implants to restore missing teeth, which we place in your jaw as part of a minimally-invasive procedure. Please call our dentist today if you want to gain a beautiful smile created from our dental implants in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A dental implant is made from three sections. The first is the titanium post, which fuses with the jaw bone and replaces the tooth root. Attached to this is the abutment post. And finally, a natural-looking restoration is set on top. This restoration can be a crown, bridge, or denture, depending on your need.

We use OsteoReady implants at our office because they not only require fewer instruments than traditional implants do, but they also rarely require surgery for placement. This reduces healing time after the implant placement. Other advantages of our implants include the following:

• It takes about seven minutes to place an implant
• Patients experience little pain after the placement procedure
• The healing time is usually only three months
• Fewer dental appointments are needed
• Dental implants improve oral health and allow patients to enjoy their favorite foods once more

There are many ways a dental implant can replace missing teeth, some of which include:

• Dental Crowns: If you are missing one tooth, then a single implant post and crown are used to replace it. This is the most successful type of implant restoration and the most cost-effective over time.
• Dental Bridges: Patients missing multiple teeth in a row can restore them with multiple implants and a single dental bridge. For example, if you are missing three teeth in a row, then two implants will be used to support the bridge. This way, no remaining teeth need to be used as an anchor for the bridge.
• Permanent Teeth Replacements: If you are missing all of the teeth in an arch, then we can place a permanent restoration to replace them. About 4-6 implants will be used, depending on your jaw bone density, and the restoration will fasten over them.
• Removable Dentures: Patients who are missing all of their teeth can stabilize a set of dentures with implants. Wearing implant-supported dentures slows bone loss and prevents the dentures from slipping when you eat and speak.

Implants can last for a lifetime if they have successfully fused to your jaw bone, but poor oral hygiene and excess biting forces can cause them to lose attachment. Patients who do not regularly brush and floss their teeth as well as visit a dentist can suffer from peri-implantitis, a destructive bacterial infection which develops around an implant post. The pressure of clenching and grinding your teeth can also cause complications if you do not have a sufficient number of implants to withstand these forces. For this problem, we may suggest that you wear a night guard.

Dental implants help you to eat, feel, and live better by securely restoring the natural structure and function of your teeth. This permanent solution to missing teeth can allow you to smile with ease and confidence once more. Please call our office to see if you are a good candidate for dental implants.